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These are some of the projects that Film Source LA have made possible.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 14:21

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Art in the Streets Compilation video with Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf and RETNA
Written by Sage Seb   
Friday, 14 October 2011 11:16

This is the compilation video for the "Art in the Streets" project.

The artists are Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf and RETNA. This project was a collaboration between Vanity Fair, Cadillac and MOCA.

I was so stoked to direct these pieces. We shot for 9 amazing days and never felt dry. At times all three artists were working simultaneously and covering every moment was like being a seven year old in a candy store arcade. These artists are super cool and a dream to film.

This project stemmed from the MOCA museum exhibit. The idea was to take the art out of the museum and put it back on the streets. It was a stellar project with three amazing artists. I'm thrilled to have captured the process of each one.

Much love to my crew and my main DP, Jonathan Folds, for killing it.

We used the following cams:
Sony F3
Sony FS100
Panasonic GH2(with and without PL adapter from Hot Rod)
Panasonic AG-HMR10 with head
Canon 7D PL (Hot Rod version)
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon XA10
and a few others I cant even remember....

Zeiss Super Speeds
Zeiss ZF's and ZE's
Canon primes and zooms

Thanks to Film Source LA, The Camera House and Hot Rod Cameras for providing gear.

And extra special thanks to "Explosions in the Sky" for the amazing music we used for the whole project.

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Written by Sage Seb   
Friday, 07 October 2011 15:42

This vignette is part of a series I am working on called "portraits in motion."

There are over twenty vignettes in the series and this was one of the first I directed. The concept of the project on a whole is to tell a story through the weaving of non dialogue driven visuals.

The series is meant for a digital platform and is being designed into an app for consumption.

I have about 1-2 more years to complete the project in its entirety. Its a labour of love. This is just a taste.

Thanks to my editor, Craig Weiseman. He's amazing.

Halle Berry for Jenesse Center
Written by Sage Seb   
Friday, 07 October 2011 15:27

I shot/directed this piece for Jenesse Center to help raise awareness for the foundation. Jenesse Center is a domestic violence intervention program. Their cause is truly important. Please go to their website and help in any way you can:​

This piece was shot with a 7D PL using Zeiss Super Speed glass, Standard 7D with Canon glass, an HVX200 and Gopro cams.

Gear provided by Film Source LA and Hot Rod Cameras.

Many thanks to my editor, John Cook for Standard 17, as well as Film Source LA and Hot Rod Cameras for donating their time and resources to such a worthy cause.

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